Award-Winning Groomer!

Laurel and Domino, 2nd place!

After over 20 years of grooming, Laurel decided to enter the largest grooming competition in the Northwest.  "I took one of my favorite little clients, Domino, a yorkie x poo, who was a shaggy little guy and transformed him into a Portuguese Water dog in a lion clip. Out of 20 competitors, I took 2nd place!"

Domino, before the competition. Domino, after. Domino, after. Domino, after.

About Our Facility

Laurel's Pet Grooming

Laurel's Pet Grooming is a unique home based facility that offers state of the art equipment, quality care and personal service.

All grooming tools and surfaces are are cleaned with Laurel in the shopdisinfectants recommended by veterinarians to kill bactieria and disease.

We never use tranquilizers or sedatives on your pets.

About Our Groomers

Laurel Lee Behnke; Groomer/Owner

Laurel Lee Behnke; Groomer/Owner

I am a Nationally Certified Master Groomer with 20 years experience, who LOVES animals! I have experience with all breeds of dogs and cats, and specialize in Toy breeds and Terriers. When I'm not grooming client pets, I am active in performance activities with my own Jammin' Whippets.

About Our Equipment

Hydrosurge Luxury Bathing System
This system combines the therapeutic concepts of whirl pool baths and hydrotherapy. Invigorating massaging jet action produces a vigourous, penatrating, combing action spray of shampoo and water that enhances the effectiveness of regular and especially medicated shampoos and conditioners. Removing loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible.

Clipper Vac Grooming System
This system removes itchy cut hair, dander and any parasites the instant it is being cut to ensure that your pet gets a smoother haircut in a clean environment. it also keeps blades cool eliminating the risk of "clipper burn".

Quiet walk-in drying system
The walk-in drying system is safer and more enjoyable for your pet than traditional cage drying. The quiet, warm air circulating is like a warm breeze for your pet.

Hydrolic Grooming table
Our hydrolic table comes with a non skid surface to make your pet more comfortable. It can be lowered for large dogs to step up onto rather than being lifted. It holds up to 250lbs.